Alyanza born in Badalona in 2003, five components band decide to meet to practice a very given power metal at the time. Sergio (voice), Manu (guitar), Cristian(guitar), Dani (drums) and Andrés (bass). That same year sees the light "Jail 1939" self-released demo that allows them to play with big bands nationwide (Tierra Santa, Jorge Salan, Centinela, Last Prophecy, Dreamaker, etc.).

Gradually the band grew, and in turn tightening their sound, while in 2006 Manu and Andrés are left alone in a project to which few changes were needed . They decide to move to a trio and recruit Alfonso on drums in 2008 . Under this training released a second demo entitled " The Time Has Come " music much more forceful and faster than its predecessor and in 2010 hit the streets "Mind Control" , their first album with nine tracks of Thrash Metal to the old fashioned . 2012 sees the light in their second " A New Beginning" round with cuts much more elaborate and powerful , while a step up in sound level . These works have led them to play all kinds of festivals and great concerts, like playing opening for Sodom in Catalan lands back after a long time . Alyanza wants to take their live that level of firepower , so complete training for 2013 with Edu on rhythm guitar and Loris Pacaccio to the battery.